A cloud platform for business communication & collaboration Voice. Video. Message. Call centre & Collaboration Looking for an efficient unified comms and collaboration solution? We're a leading UCaaS provider to the channel and business users

Business Communication

Seamlessly integrated business communications is the life-blood of your company. The right solution can efficiently manage all employees and customer communications from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Team Collaboration

The pandemic highlighted the importance of face-to-face connections for team collaboration; we enable you pull diverse and sporadic team meetings together immediately to communicate effectively.

Unified Communicaton

Ensure a higher level of business interaction throughout your local, national or globally-dispersed workforce. No matter where your teams are located they can access the same secure integrated communication services.

Increase productivity; collaboration tools are a great way to ensure you're getting the most out of your team

We respect you are the customer, so we offer you a choice of collaboration tools


Call, meet and collaborate with your teams effortlessly

Now fully integrated into our services, Webex by Cisco brings everyone together to do exceptional work. Solve business challenges, build stronger relationships, giving you all the collaboration tools you need to keep work moving forward.

Enable a choice of collaboration services with one simple connection

We've integrated our comms services with Microsoft Teams bringing the productivity benefits of having all your communication tools in one place. Managing one software platform instead of separate collaboration, communication and phone tools with Inclarity's services.

Cloud Telephony

With Inclarity’s telephony services, your organisation can reduce costs, integrate advanced communications tools, increase flexibility and ensure business continuity. Now is the perfect time for your company to switch from a legacy communications service to one designed for the future.



Give your teams an easier way to collaborate. Our cloud-based service offers HD video, voice, messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and conferencing in one simple and secure application that will integrate with all your existing tools.


Call Recording

Record the phone conversations of all, or specified, users for regulatory purposes, customer service, training, sales and marketing intelligence. Fully MiFID II compliant


Call Centre Solutions

You want to provide the best contact services for your company, customers and sales agents. We do too! We understand the importance of speaking to real humans, not an automated message that leaves you pulling your hair out. And, we will always be on hand with advice when you need it.



No matter what the size and shape of your business currently is, your internet connection needs to be fast, reliable and stable. We offer a range of business-grade services suitable for all organisations; including business broadband, EFM and leased lines.


Unified Communications

Our unified communications tools are perfectly designed to walk in step with your business. Integrate your phones with the rest of your business processes with our integrator desktop and softphone apps.


Mobile Working

Mobile working will allow you to increase business productivity and efficiency. Inclarity's softphone; uses your laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile devices, as a fully-featured extension of your business phone system. Communicate anywhere, any time and on any device.


Call Management

Improve the efficiency and consistency of your company's comms strategy, with flexible and scalable call and contact analytics solutions. Increase workforce productivity with a portfolio of contact centre agent analytics.


Broadsoft Platform

Our latest, industry leading, BroadSoft (R25) platform is packed full of advanced features. Giving you all the benefits of a state-of-the-art comms platform while ensuring highest standards of security.

Meet - in the 'new normal' world

Today meetings rarely take place in an office with sole dependency on on-site equipment. Sophisticated communications systems are no longer reserved just for offices.

Collaborate - anytime, anywhere

Our online chat and video-based collaboration platforms come complete with document sharing, and many more business features.

Report - Understand your business

Get greater insight into your business communications with our Call Reporting and Statistics solutions. Monitor your communications from beginning to end.

Future-proof your business communications

Still running an ‘on-premises’ phone system? Then now is the time to switch to a cloud solution. See how Inclarity can transform your business communications and save you money.


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