Are you embracing hybrid working?

Your management team may be experiencing the stark realisation that the grand return to office working is not going to happen. Businesses are now demanding the technologies necessary to drive their organisations and enable their people and teams to work the way they want to work; all whilst maintaining accountability and increasing productivity.

According to a recent McKinsey survey nearly three-quarters of around 5,000 employees surveyed globally would like to work from home for two or more days per week, and more than half want at least three days of remote work.

Business are seeing workers preparing to look for new employment opportunities if their demands are not met. With good talent difficult to find at the moment this is an issue that employers will need to address.

McKinsey & Company

Our goal is to provide services that increase business transformation by making hybrid working easy. We’ve designed our latest Unified Comms and Collaboration platform to ensure your organisation gets the flexible, agile, services that drive up their competitive edge and increase customer experience levels.

Due to our close alliance with Cisco, we deliver Broadworks r24, carrier grade cloud services (AWS); providing voice, video, messaging and document share via Cisco/Webex. Allowing communication to happen when, wherever and however your teams demand.

Our keenly priced bundles include services necessary for today’s world; including industry compliant call recording, awarding winning call management and analytics and seamless database/CRM integration.

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